Tampa Bay PRSA Holds Ethics Talk at UT

By Ben Norton


Sandra Moscovic and Kirk Hazlett talking to the audience about ethical issues.

Tampa Bay PRSA held a discussion on how to address ethical issues in a major corporation on September 27 at the University of Tampa.

Kirk Hazlett, Ethics Office at Tampa Bay PRSA interviewed Sandra Moscovic, Director of Corporate Ethics and Compliance at TECO about how she handles ethical issues.

The discussion focused on how thin the line is between being ethical and unethical. Moscovic talked about how challenging this can be, especially for one of the state’s largest public utility companies.

Moscovic covered a variety of points, including how accepting a gift is considered unethical at some companies.

“Most companies allow you to receive a gift that is worth up to $25,” said Moscovic.

As Moscovic made her points and talked with Hazlett, audience members were allowed to asked questions and add their input.

“My company has a no gift policy to avoid any ethical issues or problems,” said Wendy Bautista, Corporate Communications Consultant at Citizens Property Insurance.

Moscovic said ethics training has been put in place for all employees at TECO.  Moscovic said if employees are in a situation that they feel could be unethical, it’s recommend that they talk to their supervisor before making any decisions. Supervisors have been trained on how to go about evaluating each case carefully, in order to keep everyone’s best interest in mind.

In order to prevent unethical situations from happening, Moscovic has implemented a learning management system, succession planning processes, performance management programs, individual development plans, and internal leadership programs.

“This presentation was eye-opening to say the least,” said UT senior Rebecca Grassia. “I feel better prepared to take on the work force now. Ethical issues can make or break a career, and this presentation taught me how to always make ethical choices.”

This event was free and open to the public. Those in attendance included UT students, USF students, Tampa Bay PRSA members, and professionals in the Tampa Bay area.

Throughout the discussion, Moscovic shared personal stories of when she worked in the U.S. Air Force, relating them back to the topic of ethics. Moscovic earned her Ph.D. in Industrial & Systems Engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute.


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