The Haunting of Plant Hall

By: Rebecca Tompkins

The University of Tampa’s Plant Hall is number 3 on HubPages article, “Ten Most Haunted Schools in US – East Coast”. UT is also on the Haunted Places website, which said, “Onetime Tampa Bay Hotel servants are said to haunt the Science Wing”. Many students at UT have observed hauntings and other suspicious occurrences in Plant Hall.

Two days ago Jade Foster, a senior at the University of Tampa, opened up about her experience with “energies” in Plant Hall . Foster, as an English major, spends most of her time in Plant Hall running from the first floor to the fourth. When asked if Foster had ever seen a ghost she said, “Yes, but not in Plant Hall. Not a physical manifestation at UT. However, I have felt the presence of a physical energy many times in Plant Hall”, she continues, “ There was this one time last semester, in my Irish Literature course on the third floor, that the classroom door started creaking open and then slammed shut”. Foster has believed in ghosts her whole life and is not surprised that other students have seen ghosts in Plant Hall as well, “I acknowledge that Plant Hall may have a higher percentage of paranormal activity given its history and the age of the building”.

Foster, clearly believes that Plant Hall is haunted, but Professor Dooghan is not so convinced. Professor Dooghan has taught English and Literature in Plant Hall for four years, this year being his fourth, and has never seen a ghost.  When asked what he thinks of the idea of Plant Hall being haunted he said, “It is an old building, it creaks, it would make sense that people think it’s haunted. I am not super compelled by the idea but the world is mysterious”.  When asked if the hauntings would have affected his choice to teach at UT he said, “Maybe, but in a positive way. It would be interesting to teach in a haunted building, if it turned out to be really haunted”.

Whether Plant Hall is haunted or not, the students and faculty of UT are very intrigued by the idea of attending/teaching at a haunted university


Plant Hall was founded in 1891 by Henry B. Plant. It is believed to be haunted by  servants and guests of the old hotel.

Plant Hall was originally a hotel founded in 1891 by Henry B. Plant. It is believed to be haunted by servants and guests that never left the building.





2 thoughts on “The Haunting of Plant Hall

  1. I saw the lady playing paino then it stop and no one was in room and no one left the room what I get for studying late in plant hall

    It’s very haunted


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